Planned Giving

There are smart ways to make a big difference at STM

    Dear Alumni and Friends

    Donor Golden

    The Thomas E. Golden, Jr. Center opened December 2006 and it has been a great joy to see the impact it is having on Catholic life at Yale.
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    Thank you for visiting our Planned Giving webpage.

    We are grateful for the continued commitment of alumni and friends to Saint Thomas More, The Catholic Chapel and Center at Yale University (STM) in all areas of our ministry and in particular, those who have remembered STM through a planned or deferred gift. The continuation and expansion of this tradition of remembrance, through bequests or other testamentary gifts, are a significant source of support and will contribute to the chapel’s future financial strength and continued work of advancing the mission of Christ on campus.

    Those who give to STM through deferred gift plans assure a valuable legacy - the life and work of future generations in the mission of the Church. Like the biblical olive tree, which sustained the life of the community by providing food, oil, wood, and fuel, as a Legacy Society member you can plant "trees" for the future of STM.

    We hope the following pages will inspire you to make an impact at the chapel in the most sensible and advantageous way for you and your family.

    Thank you for your interest in our ministry.


    Robin McShane

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